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City approves annexation of land

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Jose G. Landa
Staff Writer

The Eagle Pass City Council held a meeting on Tuesday March 6 in which they approved the third and final reading of an ordinance extending the corporate limits of the City through annexation of five tracts of land being approximately 1,804.15 acres.

A group of property owners present at the meeting candidly opposed the City’s plan , citing various issues they saw wrong with the process being taken. “We did not come forward and say annex us.
The only thing we know is that we were sent some letters letting us know that we were going to be annexed,” said a citizen.
Cantu explained the ordinance and certain processes that were on the table to look into and consider including not annexing certain properties as per review of information being presented by legal counsel. “We will have the ability to remove land from the plan. We cannot annex more than the allowed land but we do have the ability to decrease the amount,” stated Cantu.
Legal Counsel presented information regarding the annexation plan including removing part of the proposed properties from the City’s plan until the City could respond to the citizen’s needs.
Councilman Luis Sifuentes did question the City’s intentions to provide the required services to those parcels of land as required by law and in what time.
The City proceeded to go into executive session to consult with legal counsel over the issue.
Once back the council moved forward and approved the plan, excluding the properties the group of citizens were asking to be removed from the plan, tract D.

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