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City Rejects AEP Increase in Distribution Rates

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     In an attempt to increase distribution rates by American Electric Power (AEP), Eagle Pass City Council voted against a resolution to amend cost recovery factors to increase said rates.

     This occurred at the meeting of council on May 1st. The proposed increase is part of an increase distribution cost recovery factors (DCRF) proposal by the charging entity.

     By definition, DCRF is a rate mechanism that allows an electric utility to adjust its rates for changes in certain utility costs.

     The passing of said resolution will result in approximately $3,100,000.00 of additional revenues for the electricity giant which would adversely affect Eagle Pass customers.

     The city believes that the rates sought by AEP are truly unreasonable and hope that they are denied by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.   

     AEP filed its application with the Public Utility Commission of Texas in order to amend its Distribution Cost Recovery Factors.

     Council discussed the item with legal counsel and voted unanimously against the resolution.

Last modified on Thursday, 17 May 2018 14:51