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EP Man Freed After Being Jailed 9 Mos.

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An Eagle Pass man - who along

with his wife - was incarcerated since

March 2018, was aquitted on all charges

at the US District Court in Del Rio on

Thursday in a trial heard before The

Honorable Alia Moses.

In a case in which Daniel Garza

and his wife Ruth Galindo Hernandez

were accused of possessing 42 bundles

(221.8 Kilograms) of marijuana with the

intent to distribute, Galindo Hernandez

plead guilty and is pending sentencing,

however, Garza plead not guilty and after

a lengthy trial in which the government

brought evidence to light, it took a jury

less than 15 minutes to return with a ‘Not

Guilty’ judgment which allowed him to

be released from confinement, an incarceration

that went from March 23rd of

last year until Thursday at noon.

50 year-old Garza, a resident

alien, and his wife were arrested in

March and accused of stashing and aiding

in the distribution of over 1,000 Lbs.

of marijuana. A Lieutenant from the

Eagle Pass Fire Department came into

the court to testify on Garza’s behalf,

along with several other state witnesses.

The narcotics in question were

seized and confiscated in 2015 in

Normandy, which lead to the arrest of

three individuals and evidence presented

at this trial ranged from illicit activities,

to extensive surveillance of a residence

in the Westlakes subdivision of our fair

city for an extended period of time, however

no illegal contraband was ever discovered.

This was a key factor in the

jury’s decision to aquit the defendant.